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  • Diyarbakır GoTürkiye

    Diyarbakır is a beautiful city with a history of civilization that reaches back to ancient Mesopotamia. Its cultural, historic, and spiritual richness make it a beacon both of the region and the world.



    Sur District, in the centre of Diyarbakır, has an intense history, starting from the Hurrians through to the Ottomans. The most important of their works are the walls that surround the city, featuring turrets with a bird’s-eye view.



    Diyarbakır Burma Kadayıf: this luscious dessert is made by mixing flour and water into dough, turning the dough into thin strands, coating those strands with walnuts or pistachios and then baking. It is served with a topping of sherbet.



    The Hevsel Gardens (Hevsel Bahçeleri), on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, are approximately 4,000 decares. Of this, between 1,000 and 1,500 decares are poplar woods and the remaining area is devoted to vegetable gardens and orchards.



    The Tigris Dam in Eğil, the touristic district of Diyarbakır, is emerging as a center for canoeing, swimming and other water sports; there is a rafting route between the Tigris Dam and Diyarbakır, starting from Selman village of Eğil.



    Dengbêj are narrators of epics; we can call them the Homers of today, as they function as a channel from the ancient age to the present. This oral tradition is passed down from generation to generation.



    10 vibes for Diyarbakır

    like locals

    See the Diyarbakır Walls and İçkale...

    48 hours

    in Diyarbakır

    After starting the day with breakfast at the historical Hasan Paşa Inn, stroll around the Diyarbakır Walls and Hevsel Gardens. Visit the Grand Mosque, the Prophet Süleyman Mosque and the İçkale Archaeology Museum.