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    Dengbêj are narrators of epics; we can call them the Homers of today, as they function as a channel from the ancient age to the present. This oral tradition is passed down from generation to generation. While civilizations, empires and beliefs have changed, the Dengbêj tradition continues, vividly blending love, heroism, history and mourning, even as the content of the kilams and strans adjusts to the particular era. In this sense, Diyarbakır has become a center, where the best Dengbêj come to the stage to be accepted. In a Dengbêj house, when the Dengbêj put their hands on their ears, their audience becomes immersed in a saga of love and heroism. 

    Velime Nights

    Velime Nights (Velime Geceleri) take place for the important purpose of entertainment, sharing and social assistance in Diyarbakır music. Today, these events are still held in many venues and entertain visitors with pleasure.

    Watermelon Festival

    The Diyarbakır watermelon is not just a watermelon. It is also a story of pigeons, the Tigris River, lovers, youth and children, and musicians. Diyarbakır Watermelons are native to the region; these large watermelons are grown in soil fertilized with pigeon guano, which has been collected from dovecotes (boranhane) throughout history. When these watermelons are harvested in September, they are the main part of the Çayda Çıra event at festivals held in the Hevsel Gardens. The watermelon shell was filled with vegetable oils and leaves, set alight, and released into the Tigris River. The fires in the floating watermelon shells lit the river, offering festival goers splendid views. During the festivities, parents will look for marriage partners for their children, while young people and children eat watermelon and have fun.