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  • 10 vibes for Diyarbakır

    like locals

    See the Diyarbakır Walls and İçkale

    Sample Diyarbakır ribs.

    Photograph the Devegeçidi Roman Bridge.

    Take a boat tour to the Tombs of the Assyrian Kings.

    Enjoy views of the Tigris River and Hevsel Gardens from Keçi Bastion

    See the Assyrian relief and inscription in Eğil Castle.

    See Çayönü, one of the oldest settlements in the history of civilization.

    Watch the sunset from Zerzevan Castle and Temple of Mithras.

    Visit Malabadi Bridge and listen to the folk songs of lovers on the historical bridge.

    Visit the triplex and duplex caves and the ancient altar in the Hasuni Caves.